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Annisa RT
Knowledge & self-growth enthusiast. Been diving into self-exploration since 1657. When life gives me plot twists, I write.

Life | Self Improvement

The truth about happiness I wish I had known from a long time ago.

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Recognize them before it’s too late.

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There is a hint of nihilism in the way we see life among the many shades of grey.

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But “simple” doesn’t mean easy.

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Some tips to make your fellow humans (and non-humans) laugh at your jokes.

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To truly “know thyself”, pay less attention to how you feel or think, and focus on this mindset instead.

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“I have no words”

Slow writers are writers, too.

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Writing Tips

Write smarter, not faster.

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Why looking for the easy way will only make your life harder and miserable

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Creativity | Perspective

Why originality is non-existent

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It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to.

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